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Waste Disposal in Middlesbrough Investigated by 1st Choice Waste Management

As a business owner in Middlesbrough, you have a ‘duty of care’ for the waste your business produces. Business waste is described as any disposable material produced from a commercial activity, regardless of the size of your business and whether you operate from your home or business premises. Your responsibility starts at the point the waste is created and you remain liable for the waste until you pass it on to a licensed waste disposal company for which you will receive a ‘Duty of Care Waste Transfer Document.’ Find out more about your business waste disposal obligations here. Businesses are often reliant of companies like 1st Choice Waste Management to dispose of their commercial waste. We are a unique waste management company because our waste disposal Middlesbrough service provides all green solutions to your waste disposal. Our techniques ensure that only the absolute minimum amount of waste will be sent to landfill.

With the UK having some of the worst levels of recycling in Western Europe, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to think about how they should dispose of their waste. 1st Choice is a waste management company which provides an ideal way to not only dispose of all your generated and specialise waste but to do so in a green and responsible manner. We have been offering these services for many years and our team are highly qualified to dispose of your waste in a variety of ways. This article will discuss how your business will benefit from our clean waste disposal solutions including recycling and our biomass boiler. If you are interested in learning more about our waste disposal Middlesbrough service for your business, then enquire with 1st Choice Waste Management today or call our helpful team on 01642 478 734 now.

Our Highly Regarded Waste Disposal Middlesbrough Solutions

As a waste management company, 1st Choice is able to tailor your waste disposal to your exact requirements. We understand that different companies produce different types of waste and different amounts of waste. Therefore, you will need a disposal solution that fits your business’s unique requirements. We have a variety of disposal solutions so can tailor a waste management service to cater for your needs. We can offer services to dispose of general waste as well as confidential, hazardous or any other type of waste that you need to dispose of. As all organisations produce a certain amount of waste, taking a proactive approach to the disposal of your waste is a very smart choice to make. Due to the fact that businesses are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, it’s becoming more and more important to pursue green waste disposal solutions. We have the answer and our waste disposal solutions have been directly designed with your business requirements in mind.

Waste Disposal Middlesbrough

Waste Disposal Middlesbrough: Recycling

The most well-known way to dispose of your waste greenly is to recycle as much as you can. However, it is often the case the UK businesses do not do enough recycling. This may be due to a lack of knowledge of what can and cannot be recycled. The processing of your waste is of the utmost importance to ensure that waste is separated and recycled accordingly. The environmental impact of commercial waste disposal is an extremely serious matter, one in which we take very seriously. Recycling as much waste produced as possible is vital in ensuring that we can reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill instead of being recycled. Luckily, at 1st Choice Waste Management, our recycling service utilises a waste transfer station which is built to process many types of waste including:

  • Bricks
  • Textiles
  • General Waste
  • Rubble
  • Metals
  • Soil
  • Plastics
  • Wood

As discussed at the beginning of the article, the UK has some of the worst levels of recycling in Western Europe and we want to change this for the better. Therefore, we sort all waste that is generated into our waste transfer station and this ensures that appropriate materials are separated and processed in a way that is environmentally friendly. We prioritise the green handling of your waste which is not just good for the environment, it’s also good business practice too. This takes a little less pressure off always getting the recycling rules right.

Waste Disposal: Biomass Boiler

Our state of the art biomass boiler is also utilised as part of our waste disposal Middlesbrough solutions and this is used to reduce the amount of organic waste that would normally be sent to landfill sites to decay and decompose over time. Organic waste includes wood, timber and food waste and these types of waste can be burned within our biomass boiler to reduce the amount of organic waste generated by your business. When the organic materials are burned, a carbon-neutral energy source is produced which is ideally suited as an alternative to leaving organic waste to decompose in a landfill site. When sent to landfill, the decomposition process of these organic materials produces greenhouse gasses which are damaging to the planet and contribute to global warming. The Carbon Dioxide that is absorbed by plant matter and wood when they are growing or when timber was a tree during photosynthesis is returned to the atmosphere. Therefore, the biomass boiler is a much greener solution in comparison to the more traditional methods of waste disposal. Your business can enjoy this waste disposal method when working closely with 1st Choice Waste Management Group. If, you feel that you can benefit from this service then contact our team today online or telephone us now on: 01642 478 734.

Find Out More About Our Waste Disposal Middlesbrough Service

Whether you are looking for a waste management company that recycles your waste, puts the environment at the forefront of their operations or a company that offers you competitive prices on waste disposal Middlesbrough; 1st Choice Waste Management is the company for you. We have offered waste disposal solutions to customers across Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas and pride ourselves on our exceptional, green service. Should you become a client with us, you can access our online site waste management system 24/7. This allows you to view reports, copy invoices and more. Reports can be brief or highly retailed, tailored to your requirements. Whatever your requirements, our waste disposal solutions can benefit your business whilst ensuring that the maximum amount of waste is recycled. Should you be looking for waste disposal in Middlesbrough then enquire with 1st Choice Waste Management today or call now on: 01642 478 734

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