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The Future of Waste Management Discussed by 1st Choice Waste Management

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The future of waste management has changed a great deal, especially over the last couple of years. With these developments changing the way that businesses deal with waste, there must be some exciting developments to come. With the government setting quotas for waste and plastics, there’s obvious signs that the times are still changing but will this have a significant impact? There’s different waste management techniques that have been developed over time and these techniques have largely been developed from the direct need to find greener solutions for waste management. This has stemmed a great deal of research into the field of waste management and this has seen some very innovative solutions being created. From renewable energy sources, highly advanced recycling systems and sorting systems – waste management has come a long way in the modern age. In this article, we will discuss the history of waste management and how this has developed into the modern age and how waste management may change in the future. If you are looking for waste management in the North East or waste disposal in the North East then contact 1st Choice Waste Management today or telephone our team now on: 01642 478 734

History of Waste Management

Wherever and whenever humans have existed, waste has been produced. Some of the earliest examples of waste management is the Mayans of Central America burning waste in a ceremonial ritual. With industrialisation spreading across the UK the need for waste management was becoming more and more important as waste was polluting the country. By the late 18th century, London had created a waste collection and recovery system and this is credited as the first waste management system in the UK. By 1842, waste had become such a problem that cholera outbreaks were becoming a more common occurrence. The Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population report in 1842 concluded that a full waste management service had to be implemented to increase the health of the population. The Nuisance Removal and Disease Prevention Act of 1846 ensured that a waste management programme was adopted in London and in 1874 the first incinerators appeared. These incinerators were used to destroy waste but raised complaints as they produced a lot of ash. Across the pond, rubbish disposal appeared with horses pulling carts. This eventually developed to the first crushing truck in 1938. It’s interesting to see how far waste management has come from strange beginnings to the advanced systems and processes that are available today.

Modern Waste Management

Modernised waste management solutions have moved towards greener solutions for waste and more comprehensive collection services. In the past, we observed difficulties to organise a cohesive waste management system but after a cohesive system was developed, massive improvements and innovations started to appear. Now in the modern day, the public or council lead waste management systems that we see in municipalities (domestic bin collection for example) is a regular and organised occurrence. For businesses, there’s a whole range of waste management services that have been developed. Recycling has clearly become the forefront of waste management whereas waste management techniques from times gone by were focused on removing waste but had no means to recycle materials. Now that recycling is available, waste management has changed the way that we can dispose of waste. Companies such as 1st Waste Management Group use revolutionary waste management techniques to dispose of your waste responsibility.

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