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Teesside Biomass Explored by 1st Choice Waste Management

Teeside BiomassThere’s a lot of talk about renewable energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy but Biomass is a subject that is starting to be talked about more and more. With the reduction of waste and carbon neutral electricity that can be produced from burning Biofuels, Biomass has become a more and more popular alternative to the more traditional fuel sources. In waste management applications, Biomass & Biofuel is an even more important energy source due to the fact that you can produce Biofuels from the waste that would usually be sent to landfill. A smart choice for waste, it’s not surprising that many companies are looking to change the way that they deal with their waste. At 1st Choice Waste Management, we will work with you as your commercial waste partner to reduce the weight of your waste and the volume of waste that you send to landfill. In this article, we will investigate the various waste management solutions that are available as well as how you can change your waste into Biofuel. Should you be interested in finding out more about Teesside Biomass or if you are looking for Biomass in Teesside then be sure to contact the team at 1st Choice Waste Management today or telephone us now on: 01642 478 734

How Waste Management is Changing

Waste management is changing and has already changed substantially in the last 10 years. With the push for environmentalism and the impact that waste has on the planet, waste management solutions are looking to become greener as well as more sustainable. As a result, a variety of new waste management services have been introduced. Some other services have been adapted to cater for this change of requirements. The way that we approach and view waste is also changing which has also facilitated changes in waste management. One of the most prominent changes that we have seen is the emphasis on recycling of waste. Recycling has become more and more important and has been developed further in recent years. Turning waste into energy has seen a more recent surge in interest eventually resulting in a large amount of companies looking towards this kind of waste management. With highly advanced systems being implemented such as biodiesel at industrial level, similar innovations have seen Biomass & Biofuels become a more and more viable waste management solution.

Changing Your Waste into Biomass or Biofuel

Changing your waste into Biomass or Biofuel is a great approach to your waste. Taking this approach allows you to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to a landfill site as well as reduce your total amount of waste. As organic waste can be turned into Biomass and other materials can be recycled; you will find that there is a huge reduction in the waste that has to be disposed of in an unclean manner. You can also dispose of timber and different types of wood and turn these into clean wood chippings suitable for re-use. These pellets can be used for a range of applications and are a great way to recycle your timber waste. Biofuel pellets are created from breaking down organic waste in our Biomass boiler and can be used as a fuel source or are burned by us to generate green electricity.

Innovative Cleaner Solutions For Waste

The November edition of our blog investigates the ways in which innovative, cleaner solutions of waste can be adopted by companies.

Teesside RecyclingAs previously discussed, it’s becoming more and more important to find cleaner solutions for waste. As our environmental responsibly is more important than ever, businesses and organisations are often on the lookout to find and identify ways in which to dispose of waste in a cleaner manner. Food waste and other types of industrial waste is a waste source that is currently sent to landfill and there are further implications than overfilled landfill sites. Decomposing waste is also causing methane and carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere due to the decomposition process. This means that we need to take action against the amount of waste sent to landfill as well as continue to promote alternative waste management solutions to reduce this. Renewable energy sources have been developed and have advanced greatly in the last few years. Technologies include solar panels which can generate electricity from rays from the sun as well as turbine technology such as wind farms, wind turbines and coastal turbines. These solutions were originally developed to move away from the burning of coals or other fossil fuels, with an emphasis on finding cleaner ways to create heating and electricity. This is also where biomass energy was produced, interestingly due to the fact that it can be generated from food waste. This carbon neutral fuel source can also be used to generate electricity but is a viable solution to reduce waste sent to landfill sites.

Biomass Waste Solutions For Your Business

Biomass solutions for your waste provide a greener approach as well as ensuring that you are able to reduce the amount of waste that will eventually break down and generate greenhouse gasses at a landfill site. Biomass pellets produce a carbon-neutral energy source that ensures that organic waste can be transformed into clean energy. With an emphasis on recycling, 1st Choice Waste Management is committed to reducing the amount of preventable waste sent to landfill. We offer a comprehensive waste management service as well as offering the use of our biomass boiler to further reduce this waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Commercial waste often comprises of many different types of waste sources, such as food, organic and other types of waste such as metal, paper or plastic waste. All of these types of waste need to be recycled in a variety of ways, therefore, working with a waste management company that puts environmental responsibility at the forefront is of the utmost importance. 1st Choice Waste Management is committed to offering you competitive rates on the management and disposal of your waste whilst also providing recycling and green waste management solutions. If you are investigating waste management solutions in Teesside or a company that can change your waste into biomass then 1st Choice is the company for you. Contact our team today to arrange the recycling and disposal of your waste in Teesside.

Increased Interest in Biomass Solutions

Teesside Biomass Boiler

The February edition of our biomass article investigates how biomass has developed as a solution to historic issues with the processing and recycling of organic waste.

Biomass solutions have been gaining increased popularity in both the media and within waste management solutions. With governments also pushing for different approaches to the way in which we deal and view our waste, increased awareness has been seen in different waste solutions. Recycling has been pushed forwards as a highly important solution to waste management as there are various amounts of materials and waste that can be recycled. In terms of organic waste, it has always been difficult to find a recycling solution. Timber is the exception as there are various ways in which timber can be recycled. In combination with our biomass services, we also offer a timber recycling service. This service can turn waste timber into wood-chips and is a viable solution to the recycling of timber. Biomass is another great solution to ensure that timber and other organic waste can be disposed of in a green manner. Organic waste can be dried before being processed and burned within a biomass boiler. This is a viable solutions for the historical issues regarding organic waste recycling as a wide range of organic waste and wood can be broken down and burned as a biofuel within our state of the art biomass boiler. With the solutions offered by biomass for organic waste, how can your business benefit from our biomass waste solutions?

Utilising Biomass Solutions For Your Business

As businesses have specific requirements for their waste, you’ll likely be looking for tailored solutions to the waste that is produced by your business. Whether you are looking for tailored waste solutions for recyclable waste or organic waste, 1st Choice Waste Management Group offer a wide range of waste management services incorporating our state of the art biomass boiler. Whether you have specific requirements for the way in which you produce waste or if you are looking for a solution to organic waste that your business produces then 1st Choice Waste Management Group have a tailored solution that is ideal for your specific requirements. All that you need to do is contact our team to discuss your requirements. We will then create a tailored waste mangement package which ensures that all of your specific requirements are met and catered for. This could include the handling and sorting of specific materials within your waste output or specific processing services such as the utilisation of our weighbridge facility. Using our services, you will know the exact amount of waste that has been sent for processing as well as knowing the price that will be associated with the processing and disposal of your waste. Our solutions are also geared towards providing environmentally friendly solutions for our customers. These solutions are ideal for businesses that are looking to manage and process their waste whilst also ensuring that this is carried out in a responsible manner. Enquire with 1st Choice Waste Management Group today to find out more about our biomass boiler and the services that we can provide to your business.

Enquire About Our Waste Management Services Now

Waste Management TeessideOur waste management services put recycling and environmental responsibility at the forefront. Our waste management services include the sorting and recycling of your waste by our expert team. We can then offer the use of our Biomass boiler to massively reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. The combination of using our Biomass boiler and recycling with our team will massively reduce the waste that would have usually been disposed of. We also offer use of our weighbridge facility to ensure that the exact weight of your waste is calculated. Using our services is an ideal way to deal with your waste in a clean manner. Should you be looking for Biomass in Teeside or if you are looking for waste management in Teesside then be sure to contact 1st Choice Waste Management now or telephone our team on: 01642 478 734