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Recycling Teesside

Overfilling landfills are one of the worlds most important environmental issues. When landfills are overfilled, it can lead to air and water pollution, destruction of scenery, poisoning, waste entering our waters, global warming, and many more highly damaging consequences. This is why it is vital that we consistently recycle and choose to use recyclable goods. Although landfills are still being filled and unrecyclable properties are being produced, recycling is increasingly becoming more widespread and people are recycling daily. In the UK, it is very unlikely that you’ll be in a public area that doesn’t have designated bins for different types of waste. This is a major improvement and the impact that is made on our environment has been incredible. Many councils have also provided additional bins for recyclable goods and have charged for placing the wrong waste in the wrong types of bin. This has majorly encouraged households to recycle instead of throwing everything in the same bin. As the new year is approaching, we have found and suggested different ways for you to improve your waste disposal habits in 2020.

Colour Coding Your Bins

A fantastic way of improving your waste disposal habits and ensuring that all of your waste is in the correct bin is to colour code your bins. By associating different types of waste with different colours, this will help for you and your family to remember which bin to put each individual waste item in. This can simply be done by adding coloured tape to the separate bins and adding a colour code on the wall to avoid any confusion. It is highly important that different waste that can be recycled isn’t mixed together. This is because it can stop the waste from being able to be recycled at all. Mixing different waste is a highly common reason for waste not being recycled and ending up in landfill instead. This is why many bins in public areas only have gaps to fit in the specific waste items, such as circles for bottles and slots for paper. These bins are also usually colour coded

Be Creative

Everyday household food packaging can be reused for an excellent purpose. Recycling does not always necessarily mean putting your waste into recycling bins for other companies to recycle. It can also mean using your old waste for other purposes. Examples of this are using tin cans as pencil pots and even using old glass jars as drinking glasses. All you have to do is be creative. There are many different different ways of reusing your waste for a beneficial purpose. One of the most famous reuses of waste is the plastic bottle houses in Nigeria. These houses are constructed from plastic bottles which are filled with sand, placed on their side on top of each other, then bound together with mud. Not only does this prevent the plastic bottles from being put to waste in landfills, but it also creates homes for people and creates a highly unique exterior home appearance. To summarise, when it comes to waste, there is a multitude of different new uses, it just falls down to your imagination.

Reuse Your Bags

Plastic bags can make up a large proportion of the waste in landfill sites and can cause plastic pollution, this is why it is important for us to consistently reuse our bags and throw our plastic bags away as little as possible. It is estimated that 1% of the world’s landfill is plastic bags, which in reality is a very large figure when landfills can pretty much hold anything. In the UK, stores legally have to charge a minimum of 5p for a plastic bag due to the damage plastic bags can cause. Due to this, many stores choose to distribute higher-quality bags for 10p. These bags can easily be reused as many times as possible until damage. If you do not already have one of these bags, then instead why not use another bag you have at home to carry your goods?

Recycling Services Teesside

Recycling and the efficiency of your waste disposal are important all year round and will continue to always be important, no matter what time of year of what year. For the future of disposing of our waste, more and more waste will be used for recycling and biomass, and the use of biomass and recycled materials will become progressively more common, therefore, it is important we provide waste management companies with recyclable materials for this to happen. For incredible and highly sustainable recycling services in Teesside for you or your business, choose 1st Choice Waste Management.