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Recycling Middlesborough

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Recycling During Christmas

December is here, which can only mean one thing, Christmas! Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the year and a time for us to let loose. It’s also a time for us all to spend time with friends and family, partake in our favourite hobbies, eat our favourite foods, have time off work, and much more! For many, Christmas has a different meaning, for many it’s for religious beliefs, for many its for gift-giving, and for many, it’s for spending time with others. No matter individuals meaning for Christmas, we can all agree its a time for joy. Despite Christmas being a time for joy, it doesn’t mean we should take our eyes off serious world issues. In the USA, it is estimated that people throw away 25% more waste during the period between thanksgiving and new year, which equates to approximately 25 million tons of waste, and that is just in the USA alone. This astonishing amount of waste could be potentially incredibly harmful to the planet if poorly disposed of properly. During Christmas time, it’s important to still consider our impact on the planet and to recycle our waste. This blog gives advice on how to reduce your waste production and how to efficiently recycle this winter.

Use Paper-Based Wrapping Paper

Most wrapping paper can be recycled, however, many types of wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to having a metallic, glitter, or plastic coating. When a wrapping paper is coated, it is likely that it would cause recycling contamination if it was placed in a recycling bin instead of a regular bin. This would then lead to other waste in the recycling bin not being able to be recycled, meaning more waste would be placed into landfills. Although most coated wrapping paper cannot be recycled. There is still coated wrapping paper that can. If your preference is to use coated wrapping paper, consider your environment and choose coated wrapping paper that is recyclable. Please also ensure to keep the recyclable and non-recyclable wrapping paper in separate bins once they have been used. 

Alternatively, why not use your own wrapping paper? Paper from parcel materials or even using colourful pages from magazines or comics can make fantastic packaging materials. By using this, you are not just saving resources and reducing your waste, you are also saving the money that you would have spent on wrapping paper. Wrapping paper can surprisingly be pricey, especially when bought in large quantities or with excessive coating on the wrapping paper. If you’re looking to spend less money on wrapping paper this Christmas and more money on gifts for your loved ones, then using your own wrapping paper from other sources besides stores in an ideal option for you.

Disposing of Your Christmas Tree

If this year you are choosing a real Christmas tree from your home, there are many different and creative ways of recycling your Christmas tree in a highly environmentally friendly matter. Some of these suggestions are listed as follows:

  • Replant the tree – Even after the tree has been cut down from the grown, it is still possible for the tree to be replanted. By planting the tree in fresh soil, you will be able to revive the tree efficiently. Once the tree has replanted, the tree will make a fantastic addition to your garden and can be decorated with food for birds. 
  • Take the tree to a garden centre – Many garden centres accept Christmas trees to turn in to wood chippings for someones else’s garden. This is not to say that the tree could also be turned into wood chippings for your garden. 
  • Use the tree for crafts – After stripping the leaves from the tree, the tree branch can then be used for crafts, such as creating furniture such as tables, chairs, and more! The wood can also be used for other crafts such as creating picture frames or whatever you can create with your imagination!

Recycling Services Middlesborough

Recycling and the efficiency of your waste disposal are important all year round, even if it is Christmas. For the future of disposing of our waste, it seems like more and more waste will be used for recycling and biomass, and the use of biomass and recycled materials will become progressively more common, therefore it is important we provide the companies with recyclable materials for this to happen. For incredible and highly sustainable recycling services in Middlesborough for you or your business, choose 1st Choice Waste Management.