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The Importance Of Recycling in Your New Year Clear Out

The beginning of a new year is a common time for many of us to have a big clear out of all the junk we have collected over the year. If this is something that you are planning to do for your home or business we want to remind you of the importance of recycling where ever you can. The UK has one of the highest rates of sending rubbish to landfills which is detrimental for the environment and heavily contributing to climate change. By using a waste management company such as 1st Choice Waste Management, you can ensure that as much of your business waste is recycled as possible.

Consider using the services provided by 1st Choice Waste Management in Teesside to ensure as much as your rubbish is recycled as possible. At 1st Choice Waste Management Group, we take the environmental impact of commercial waste disposal very seriously. Our waste processing facilities operate with the goal of recycling as much of the waste we process as possible. With dedicated staff and weighbridge facilities, you’ll find our waste transfer station more than capable of meeting your needs.

We put recycling at the forefront of our operations. Our team act to sort waste for processing once it is collected or delivered. This is to ensure that recycling can be carried out and the maximum amount of waste can be recycled – reducing your processed waste. We also utilise our state of the art Biomass Boiler to reduce the amount of waste by burning it as a biofuel. We sort all the waste we receive at our waste transfer station to ensure that all the appropriate materials are recycled and processed in an environmentally sound manner. It’s not just good for the environment, but good business practice too. With recent moves towards changing the way that we see and dispose of waste in the UK, this is becoming more important than ever for businesses and individuals.

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When having your new year clear out do not throw all your waste in the bin. Much more of your business waste can be recycled than you think. By using a company like 1st Choice Waste Management, you can decrease the impact your business is making on the environment. We collect your rubbish and recycle as much as we possibly can. Our main business aims are to:

  • Make recycling easy
  • Provide value for money
  • Consulate and communicate throughout the service
  • Reduce waste sent to landfill
  • Reduce mis-disposal of business items.

A quarter of England’s waste is produced by its businesses. Therefore, it’s not enough to just separate your plastics from your food waste at home. Your business also has a responsibility to ensure its waste causes as little environmental harm as possible. New year clear outs are a great idea to stay on top of creating an organised workspace however, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary waste being sent to landfill.

Different businesses create different types of waste. For example, if you own a factory which produces a product then overproduction may account for a high percentage of your waste. Depending on what the product is made of will depend on whether or not it can be recycled. If it is made from organic materials e.g. wood, then 1st Choice Waste Management will be able to dispose of this in our biomass boiler to produce carbon-neutral energy. If you throw the rubbish away then. If you own a tech company then old or broken electronics will likely be thrown out regularly. It is important that electronics are disposed of in the correct way because they can contain toxic substances. These chemicals are something we want to keep out of landfills. If you own a restaurant or supermarket then food waste will be a high proportion of your waste. We can provide a bespoke service to help your business dispose of the food safely.

At 1st Choice Waste Management, we will provide you with a unique service tailored to your Teesside businesses requirements. We also know that businesses have a hundred other demands on their time. You might think that chucking all your waste out in one heap to be sent to landfill will save you time but with 1st Choice Waste Management, we are committed to helping you as quickly as we can. We will collect all your waste and our dedicated team will ensure as much of it is recycled as possible. That way, you can rest assured that your business waste removal will be handled efficiently and safely while you focus on your business.

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