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State-of-the-art Biomass Boiler in Teesside

Biomass: A smart choice for waste in the Teesside area


1st Choice Waste is more than a waste management and disposal company. We take the environmental impact of waste, and especially commercial waste, very seriously.

We utilise the latest Biomass Boiler system to reduce waste collected from clients, reduce our carbon footprint and return clean electricity back to the “grid”.

The way that we approach our waste and solutions for the way in which it is disposed is changing. Businesses and individuals alike are searching for cleaner ways to dispose of and deal with their waste. Using a biomass boiler is the solution, reducing the waste that is generated as well as ensuring that electricity is produced from this process.


Biomass Teesside
Teesside Biomass
What is Biomass?

Biomass is the word used for plant or animal material that is used for energy production, heat production, or in multiple industrial processes as raw material for a range of products. Biomass fuel is created when wood and waste is dried and reduced to a material that can be burned. Biomass energy is carbon neutral electricity generated by burning the material.

Scrap wood to reusable chippings

As well as creating Biomass fuel, 1st Choice Waste can create clean and re-usable wood chippings from waste wood, fallen trees and forest debris.

  • Weigh-Bridge Mixed Municipal
  • Green Waste, Wood
  • Hardcore Bricks/Stone
Collection by prior arrangement on volume for waste wood

Woodchip Grade A and B for resale; Farmers, Riding Schools, Councils (Parks)

Innovative Greener solutions to landfill

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How the Biomass Boiler Works

Once waste is collected, wood and waste is dried in order to produce a material or biofuel that is suitable for burning within the boiler. Once this newly produced biofuel is burned, C02 is released into the atmosphere. Plant matter uses C02 within photosynthesis, making biomass a ‘carbon neutral’ fuel source. Once this biofuel is burned, clean electricity is generated and returned to the grid.

Reducing Waste to Landfill

Apart from the fact that landfill sites are an eyesore in many areas, there are health and pollution risks associated with landfill sites. They produce greenhouse gasses which are damaging the planet as well as other by-products. Landfills also contribute to the spreading of deadly diseases and can pollute our water from running toxins in underground pipes. Overfilling landfills also results in waste entering our oceans, this can be extremely harmful to wildlife living in our oceans. Reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill is highly important, especially as we move towards a greener future.

Using a biomass boiler to create biofuel also reduces the need for burning fossil fuels to create energy. The three main types of fossil fuels that we use are oil, natural gas or coal, which are used to create fuels for vehicles, heating for our homes and for electricity. When these are burned, they emit greenhouse gases which are the main cause of global warming. When biofuel is burned, it does not create greenhouse gases. Global warming is a global crisis that needs actioning upon. If we do not take action, the consequences are disastrous. Many manufacturers are now producing vehicles and engines that run solely off of biofuel for this exact reason.

Enquire with our team today should you be looking to find out more about our Biomass Boiler and the way that we use biomass to reduce waste sent to landfill.

The diversity of organic fuels knows practically no limits. To use this is the task of this boiler series.
A round cyclone combustion chamber with counter-rotational turbine air supply (rotation combustion) stands for a high degree of efficiency and complete burning of the fuel. The primary air supply is undertaken via the laterally set high temperature cast iron blocks.
Everything which sluggishly degases or burns is slowly moved with chain shovels over the boiler floor to the ash discharge shaft and thereby burnt optimally.


BSL registration number 1860560

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Biomass Suppliers List – Grade A & B – G50 Biomass (20% Moisture)

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