Environmentally and Economical Waste Management

The most state-of-the-art Biomass Boiler in Teesside

Biomass: A smart choice for waste in the Teesside area

1st Choice Waste is more than a waste management and disposal company. We take the environmental impact of waste, and especially commercial waste, very seriously.

We utilise the latest Biomass Boiler system to reduce waste collected from clients, reduce our carbon footprint and return clean electricity back to the “grid”.

Biomass Teesside
Teesside Biomass
Rubbish into Renewable

By using 1st Choice Waste as your commercial waste partner we can significantly reduce the weight of your waste and reduce the volume of waste that needs to go to landfill.

We turn rubbish into pellets that can be burnt in the biomass boiler to produce renewable energy. Providing “green electricity” and significantly reducing the waste going to landfill sites.

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What is Biomass?

Biomass fuel is created when wood and waste is dried and reduced to a material that can be burned. Biomass energy is carbon neutral electricity generated by burning the material.

Scrap wood to reusable chippings

As well as creating Biomass fuel, 1st Choice Waste can create clean and re-usable wood chippings from waste wood, fallen trees and forest debris.

  • Weigh-Bridge Mixed Municipal
  • Green Waste, Wood
  • Hardcore Bricks/Stone
Collection by prior arrangement on volume for waste wood

Woodchip Grade A and B for resale; Farmers, Riding Schools, Councils (Parks)

Innovative Greener solutions to landfill


BSL registration number 1860560

Biomass Services Newcastle

Biomass Suppliers List – Grade A & B – G50 Biomass (20% Moisture)

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