Recycling Domestic & Commercial Waste in Teesside Creating Biomass Renewable Energy

Biomass is described as a regenerative organic material used for energy production. It is the matter that is usually thought of as “rubbish” or waste. Some of it is just stuff lying around such as dead trees, tree branches, left-over crops, wood chips, bark and sawdust from timber mills. Waste and paper products that cannot be recycled into other paper products, as well as other household or commercial waste that are normally sent to the landfill. It can be used to produce electricity, heat, compost material or fuels. Composting material is decayed plant food products mixed together in a compost pile and spread to help plants grow.

At 1st Choice Waste we are able to sort through the waste collected from skips and drastically reduce the “rubbish” that needs to go to landfill. We can also work with industrial businesses that create biodegradable waste as a by-product of production.

Biomass TeessideYour waste contains types of biomass that can be reused. Recycling biomass for fuel and other uses reduces the need for landfills to hold waste or rubbish. Its major characteristics are its ability to be renewed, low costs, low emissions and no increase in atmospheric CO2. Using our state-of-the-art Biomass boiler we can dry and then process most waste to become a source of renewable energy.

Biomass electric power production uses direct combustion. In a direct combustion process, the waste is burned to complete combustion in a boiler. The thermal energy released is used to produce steam for process heating and/or for the generation of electricity. Most power plants used in this process are fuelled by waste products. Its use is environmentally friendly because it is being reduced in and of itself; it is being recycled and then reused.

Where appropriate tree cuttings and timber waste can be dried and processed into reusable materials such as wood chippings or sawdust.

1st Choice Waste is committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, recycling materials for reuse, and where appropriate creating green and renewable energy to be directed back to the “national grid”. In using 1st Choice waste for skip hire, or as your commercial waste agent, you are contributing to reducing materials going to landfill, significantly increasing the percentage of waste material being reused and recycled and green energy/electricity being used in the Teesside area.

1st Choice Biomass Boiler

1st Choice Waste has installed a Heizomat RHK-AK990 (990kW) Boiler.  The system has been designed, installed and will be maintained by VG Energy under a service contract.

It is….

  • Self-feeding and fully modulated
  • Robust agitator and solid core augers with a hopper of 5 metres in diameter·
  • Chain and flight ash removal system and automated self-cleaning
  • Siemens 7” Touch Screen Simatic controls and SMS modem for text alerts

Capable of burning woodchip; sawdust; shavings; pellets, rape straw, miscanthus and low grade recycled waste woodchip, with high bark/silica content.

  • Ignition is from paper/match start up (no gas/flammables involved).

The benefit of installing this system is that it enables the business to diversify and offer a drying solution for waste products and thus reduce the volume weight of waste materials which allow us to become BSL registered and able to self-supply fuel and become a wood chip supplier.  The system also permits us to utilise the governments Renewable Heat incentive (RHI) scheme.

To find out more about our waste collection/biomass recycling services across Teesside and the North East UK please telephone 01642 478 734