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Biomass & Renewable Energy in Middlesbrough Discussed by 1st Choice

Biomass & Renewable Energy Middlesbrough

Renewable energy is becoming a large part of energy production across the world. This is because of our responsibility to find ‘cleaner’ solutions to both waste and to protect the environment. Waste management has looked for more renewable sources and recycling processes and this is what needs to be considered when developments occur in waste management in the future. With these developments, we are starting to see more recycling techniques appear which is helping businesses and organisations be more green with their waste. Apart from the ethical implications of recycling waste, businesses are also able to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Recycling has become more and more important with the major obstacle being materials that are unable to be recycled. Organic waste used to be in a similar state with certain organic wastes being able to be recycled through composting.

This however could not be carried out on some types of organic waste leading to a good amount of organic waste having to go to landfill. Biomass boilers ensure that organic waste can be turned into a biofuel and burned, producing carbon neutral energy and eliminating the greenhouse gasses that are produced by decomposition in a landfill site. In this article, we will discuss developments in biomass as renewable energy and how we can reduce landfill sites using biomass. If you are looking for renewable energy in Middlesbrough or biomass & renewable energy in Middlesbrough then contact 1st Choice Waste Mangement today or telephone our team now on: 01642 478 734

Is Biomass a Renewable Energy Source?

Yes and no. If we are looking into technicality then biomass is a ‘carbon neutral’ energy source. This means that when the organic waste was a plant, it was taking Carbon Dioxide (C02) out of the atmosphere during photosynthesis. This means that when we burn biomass in our biomass boiler, the C02 that is produced by burning the biofuel in a boiler was negated when the biofuel was a plant. This means that it is a green energy source as the fuel doesn’t emit only C02. If the organic waste was sent to landfill, the decomposition process of organic waste also produces greenhouse gasses (mainly methane and C02.) By turning organic waste into biomass, we remove the decomposition process that causes greenhouse gasses as well as burning the biomass in a carbon neutral reaction. This is a great way for businesses to get rid of organic waste in a sustainable and green way which allows them to recycle more waste.

Waste Management Solutions For Your Business

Waste management with biomass is fantastic for all businesses but is a great solution for businesses that generate a lot of organic waste. This is because the organic waste can be processed and turned into biomass which lets this type of waste be recycled. Usually this type of waste would all be sent to landfill and this would naturally produce a lot of greenhouse gasses. 1st Choice Waste Management offers tailored waste management solutions that are relevant for a wide range of businesses and organisations. Many businesses can benefit from a waste management programme as these tailored solutions create a waste management system that is perfectly suited for your requirements. Whether you are a small business or have large scale operations, our waste management programme is ideally suited for you.

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Biomass Waste Management Middlesbrough

If you feel that you would benefit from our waste management programme then get in touch! We have offered tailored waste management solutions in Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas for many years and we wish to extend our services to your business. Our emphasis on recycling and organic recycling through biomass is a great way to deal with your waste in a green and responsible manner and we pride ourselves on recycling as much waste as possible for your business. Our team sort and collect waste that can be recycled and then process organic waste to turn into biofuel to burn in our biomass boiler. Whether you require a waste management solution or want to process your waste in an environmentally friendly manner then we can work with you. If you are looking for Middlesbrough waste management or renewable energy in Middlesbrough then contact 1st Choice Waste Management today or telephone now on: 01642 478 734