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Some years back, the accumulation of waste in homes and landfills was something that nobody really paid attention to. Not many people thought about or were aware of the consequences of consistently dumping our waste in landfills or on other parts of the globe such as rivers, oceans, forests, and more. People dumping their waste in landfills or other places became so vast that the government became concerned about the buildup of dumped waste could eventually lead to a disaster. A solution to this problem was needed, or a disaster was inevitable. In the 1970s, modern recycling was introduced to prevent the mass worldwide dumping of waste. Although recycling may sound like a modern-day process, it has actually been around for thousands of years. Prior to the industrial age, it was difficult to produce goods quickly and efficiently, so virtually everyone practiced recycling in some form.

Mass production in the industrial age is why we need to carry out large scale recycling, or otherwise, our earth will have to face devastating consequences. This includes overloading landfills, pollution and the oceans being flooded with waste. It is our responsibility as citizens of the earth to act on this and prevent the consequences from taking place, and the most effective way to prevent this from taking place is by recycling. 1st Choice Waste Management in Cleveland actively encourage recycling with all of our customers. Our waste processing facilities operate with the goal of recycling as much as the waste that we process as possible. Please refer to our waste processing and recycling page for more information on our recycling services and the environmental impact that we have. In this post, we have provided 10 reasons to begin taking recycling more seriously and to actively start recycling the waste that we produce.

1. Reduces Carbon Emissions

When you recycle, you are greatly minimizing the amount of carbon emissions (commonly known as greenhouse gasses) that are being released into the atmosphere. When waste isn’t recycled it eventually is combusted, this releases dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Whatever your opinion on Global Warming is, many people converge to the idea that everyone needs to play a role in minimizing the effects of pollution and emissions. Research has shown that a single tree can get rid of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. Recycling is needed not just to keep our planet clean, but also to reduce pollution and to prevent deforestation.

2. Maintains Ground Water Quality

If landfills continue to accumulate, the quality of groundwater can decline. In the UK, the majority of landfill companies do not make the effort to treat their landfills and will only throw the waste in a dug-up hole and bury it. A large percentage of waste that is thrown in landfills is neither biodegradable nor eco-friendly and contaminants occurring in these wastes are likely to find their way to groundwater supply. This typically will happen when rain or runoff water coming from landfills are carried through the land and into water bodies such as streams and rivers. This phenomenon destroys the already fragile ecosystems and renders the once fresh waters and safe waters too risky to drink. Recycling will prevent this dangerous cycle.

3. Protects Wildlife

Increased use of recycled products puts a break to the exploitation of natural resources such as forests, rivers, wetlands, and lakes, which are all natural habitats for wildlife. Our oceans and ocean wildlife are also greatly threatened by waste. Each year approximately between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year. Not only does this contaminate our oceans, but hugely impacts ocean wildlife. Plastic in the ocean has been known to choke sea wildlife such as whales, which have been found washed up on beaches with large amounts of plastic found in their bodies. Our oceans play a huge part in the sustainability of our planet, please recycle and prevent additional plastic from entering our oceans. Watch this video by Global News and find out why it is so important that plastic is kept out of our oceans.

4. Waste Accumulation is a Global Problem

Mass accumulation of waste is not just a problem in the UK, it’s a global problem. If waste is allowed to accumulate unabated, we may run out of locations to bury synthetic waste, or the waste might bring devastating effects to the environment, which is happening unknowingly through global warming.

5. Lowers Accumulation in Landfills

Perhaps the most well known and obvious reason. The rate of waste disposal in the modern day is increasing at an alarming rate. This rapid increase translates to accumulation and overflowing of landfills. Space for waste disposal can run out if a solution is not found. Cities that are near oceans have been polluting the ocean for decades due to landfill overflow and the oceans can no longer entertain this habit anymore. The only possible way to deal with this is recycling. 1st Choice Waste Management widely encourage recycling to all their customers. Our waste processing station is capable of recycling general waste, bricks, metals, textiles and more. For more information on our waste processing and recycling services, please refer to our waste processing and recycling page.

6. Increases Property Value

Surprisingly, one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your property is to embrace recycling. People who recycle the majority of their waste, reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. It’s quite clear that landfills significantly reduce property value since nobody likes the idea of living next to smelly landfills. Your efforts to recycle will mean that your city will need fewer landfills and your city will have cleaner surrounding air. Next time you go to throw something in your usual rubbish bin, check the label and ensure that the product is recyclable. If it is, throw the product away in the suitable recycling bin.

7. Creates Jobs

Recycling takes place in a lot of industries; if the act of recycling is ramped up, many recycling plants will be set up. More recycling plants will lead to more jobs. It is a fact that recycling creates 10 times more employment opportunities than landfill waste management.

8. Will Ensure a Sustainable Future

Planet earth harbors a limited amount of natural resources and restricted capacity to recycle waste. By recycling, we are doing two great things to our future, minimizing our immediate effect on planet earth and developing sustainable practices for future generations.

9. Saves You Money

Developing a habit of buying only what you need and reusing products rather than purchasing new ones saves a lot on your budget. In many places across the globe, it’s actually more costly to dispose of waste than to recycle. Many recycling companies also buy wastes for their recycling activities. The sales of extra recyclable materials will bring you an income that you can channel to your budget.

10. Waste Can Cause Deadly Diseases.

Poor disposal of waste in landfills progresses to the emission of toxic and infectious gases. If these gases are inhaled over time, they may lead to a wide range of respiratory diseases such as asthma. If toxic liquids from waste also find their way into water sources, infectious diseases like typhoid and dysentery could spread.

If we all recycled our waste, our oceans would be cleaner, our world would be cleaner and our future would be brighter. 1st Choice Waste Management contribute towards supporting to help keep our planet healthier. By using our recycling services, you can rest assured that your waste is not contributing to harming animals, the ocean and our planet. Our aim is to contribute to helping the UK reduce the waste we produce and to encourage recycling across our country.